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2017 Announcement: Cleaning company for venue clean-ups

We’re pleased to announce that we have vetted and agreed terms with a local cleaning company to provide cleaning services for hired wedding venues. You’ll be surprised how many people overlook this and often end up having to trek back to the venue after the wedding ceremony to clean up.

Basically this is a cleaning service that you can hire that will come out before or after the wedding to clean up the venue.

This may not seem to be important but you won’t believe the number of horror stories we’ve heard from some of our patrons who hired out a venue and ended up having to spend days cleaning it as it was left in a big mess from an earlier function that was booked. The owners refused to clean it themselves as the hiring contract stipulated that clients will have to clean up themselves or forfeit their deposit.

Clean Wedding Hall

This obviously isn’t an issue that you’ll face with the majority of venues for hire, but it’s important to make sure that you have planned for any surprises. There’s enough stress that goes into planning a wedding, making sure the venue is clean shouldn’t be one of them!

The most common use of this cleaning service is intended for post wedding clean ups. You are usually required to clean up after your ceremony, and if it’s not mandatory, it’s still the decent thing to do. The problem is, often your family is too exhausted after such an emotionally draining occasion so it doesn’t feel right asking them to tidy up while you’re on your honeymoon. Having a cleaning company do this for you, is convenient and will relieve a burden on your loved ones.

Now that you understand why it’s a good idea to have a cleaning company booked, or at least on standby for your wedding, we’ll explain how this particular company’s clean up service works.

This innovative service follows in the footsteps of Uber, where you can easily and conveniently hire maids, stipulate exactly how you want the area cleaned and decide whether or not they should come with cleaning aids or use your own. Although this is primarily a domestic cleaning service aimed at households, you are able to get in touch with the owners and negotiate specific wedding venue cleaning if you use the following reference which we’ve agreed “IslaWeddings Cleaning”.

You can hire a maid online from your computer, tablet and even from your cell phone using their modern and intuitive interface. It really doesn’t get any easier.

Pre-Wedding Cleaning

Our recommendation is to discuss with the venue owner exactly what to expect when you hire a venue so that you know in advance whether or not you will need to call out cleaners for a pre-wedding clean-up. Be sure to also physically go the venue to inspect whether or not a professional clean is necessary when you are “handed the keys”.

Post-Wedding Cleaning

For post-ceremony clean-ups, make sure that the cleaners are scheduled to come out as soon as possible after the wedding as some venues charge per hour or per day, so you want the hall in tip top shape in the shortest time possible to save on unnecessary charges.

For more information regarding professional cleaning services, visit

Remember, there are always unexpected events that unfold during the planning of a wedding. Make sure that you have prepared for the pre and post cleaning, it’s often the last thing on your mind but making sure that this element is taken care of will remove any potential headaches down the line.